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  2. I have had Valerie Acerra as a field supervisor since September (14). I had a pre-observation on September 5, the second day of classes and then a formal observation on Sept. 11. I thought it strange to be observed so early in the year. The pre-ob didn’t seem so bad, though I don’t think I received that may directives in all of my previous career.

    During the observation she was aggressive, actually interfering in the lesson by asking students questions and looking at their notes. She asked on student a question and didn’t know if the answer was right or wrong. She asked me if it was correct. I had an exit slip and she asked for them and my lesson plan. She photocopied my lesson and returned it, but I have yet to see the exit slips.

    The observation report was awful. It appears I do nothing correctly in the classroom. At one point several students talked, followed by a percentage. I didn’t post rules, so I couldn’t manage the class. She spent about a third of the 5 page report criticizing my objectives and other aspects of the lesson plan.

    I felt outraged but their is little I can do. I did file a grievance which will be heard at step 2 on Dec. 4, but I expect little satisfaction from the outcome. I have concentrated on my plan of assistance, scrutinizing the material she gave me. I asked questions. I have not gotten any answers.

    Since Ms. Acerra is and ex-English teacher and I am a Math teacher she cannot answer content questions. She has told me she will find someone who can. She asked an AP at my assigned school to answer my questions. the AP told me that she had no time. Then at a later conference she brought Kathy Marra an ATR principal with a math license. When I asked a question about the math materials I had been given I was told to find the answer myself, I am the expert. My persistence in asking questions and pleading for support got me a couple threats of disciplinary action.

    I was told Ms. Acerra didn’t need a math license to observe me, that she observes the pedagogy. However, when I ask her questions about the materials she supplied, she has given few if any satisfactory answers. It seems she has read a few articles and memorized the theoretical framework. Then she fits everything she says and observes into this framework. The few answers she has given seem to be from one article she supplied. Ms. Marra was at the post observation and her input was mentioned above.

    A second observation was conducted. Due to my persistent questioning and pleading for assistance, Ms. Kathy Marra was brought to my second observation, though she was not present at the pre-observation. Though I tried to incorporate all of Ms. Acerra’s suggestions, my lesson was u-rated. I already mentioned Ms. Marra’s’ response to my questions above.

    I am patienlty awaiting my next assistance meeting, though I wonder why I am there If I get no answer to my questions and I am told I am the expert!

    • Poor Harassment while the DOE is looking the other way.

      • Teachers United for Justice

        How unfair is it to observe a teacher in a classroom of strangers, with no ownership of their grades, and no idea how much rigor to put into a lesson since the ATR has no idea of the students’ academic ability? It is just age discrimination.

  3. I have had very positive experiences being supervised by Ms. Acerra. My first pre-observation meeting was productive session in which she and I discussed my current situation and her expectations for the lesson that she would later observe. Ms. Acerra carefully reviewed the lesson plan that I presented to her and offered realistic suggestions as to how I might implement some aspects of the plan differently. I found that her suggestions were logical; therefore, I made alternations. After being observed, I received an observation report that was a very fair and even-handed assessment of my lesson. The report does not not focus on trivial aspects of the lesson, but rather assesses how and the extent to which I reached my lesson’s objective. In my post-observation meeting, Ms. Acerra commented on what went well in the lesson and then went on to discuss specific areas that I could target to improve on in future lessons. Our discussions have led me to believe that Ms. Acerra is a supportive supervisor who not only has a deep understanding of pedagogy, but also considers teachers’ individual styles and mentors them with that in mind.

    • At least you know she is an English teacher.My field supervisor,Edele Williams,refused to tell me anything about her background but I know her background is not math. How I know?
      First of all she did not know mean,mode,median are part of the 9th grade curriculum.
      Second of all during my U rated lesson I spoke about median income for teachers in NY. I was making a real life connection,she did not understand that. I asked her what does it mean: the median income for teachers in NY? she told me the median income is the average. Then I asked her how can you evaluate something that you don’t understand? She get very defensive and upset.
      I know what you are going through.Try to keep good record.write down every conversation you have with her.Record every conversation. It is legal in NY. Thanks to Mr Francesco I did not know that.
      A friend of mine, who went through the 3020a process,told me there is nothing they can do to you. They can not fire you.They are just trying to scare to frustrate you to force you to either retired,if you can, or resign.
      stay united.Good luck.

    • Something tells me this comment was left by Valerie Acerra. Whoever left it did so in NJ.

    • What a lie!

    • These Field Supervisors are given a list of targets, and they just follow orders. All these undersed U rated lessons is to force you into retirement. Do not lie.

  4. Good Stupid Val,

    Yes, she was a total nimrod. Could not even begin to formulate the most basic cognition regarding education. Heard she was removed. Maybe all those lawsuits involving her were reflective of her inability to develop teachers?

  5. I had Ms Acerra last year as a supervisor. The first time I met her was in May when she gave me a letter for my file because I had 11 absences. She refused to remove the letter even though three of the days were personal and the rest were medically certified. She proceeded to U rate me for the year based on those absences. She was very adamant about attendance and told me to refer to the union newspaper article writing in 2015 for clarification on absences. Well long story short. The letter was pulled and I’m eating for the u to be reversed. She is a very unprofessional supervisor and my heart goes out to anyone who has her

  6. These Field Supervisors are given a list of targets, and they just follow orders. All these undersed U rated lessons is to force you into retirement.

  7. Teachrrs United for Justice

    The DOE with our union leadership’s blessing, is trying to reduce the ATR pool, not by putting the ATR back in the classroom where they belong, but instead by thinning the herd with these “flyby observations” and unfairly giving the ATR a “U” rating. It is definetly age discrimination.

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