Stella Kostopoulos

Stella Kostopoulos

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  1. She has given every one of my lessons she observed a U. They were NOT U quality lessons. One included an ESL class which had had 3 different teachers in a few months and which had had no regular teacher for over a month. The students would not buy into my lessons and barely participated. The second was a lab class which was very organized, had good student participation and was bell to bell, with lab sheets collected at the end of the period. I was faulted because the students “did not discuss their findings”. I have never seen a lab class with time to discuss findings. Furthermore, the lab was, according to the regular teacher, supposed to be a TWO DAY lab, with the findings discussed the next day. The third class was an ambush observation. I found the notation “You will shadow Ms. S in her period 3 & 4 classes, then be observed in the 5th period class.” Oh, and it was not in my license area, nor did I create the lesson. I was faulted that some students used cell phones (the regular teacher had authorized the use of cell phones for calculators), and could I supervise whether individual students were using them for other stuff, while trying to circulate and help the students in the room? I was also faulted for girl allegedly sleeping in the room. She was not, and had finished all the questions on the sheet. Could I help that students did not want to cooperate when I asked them to do questions 1-20 of their 85 question sheet, or that they dawdled considerably when I asked them to share their answers in the last 10 minutes of class? I had never met them before (of course) nor had any relationship going with them to facilitate their cooperation. How are these observations in the slightest bit fair? I know in my heart that she was obviously told to U me for the year, and that it would not have mattered in the slightest what I did in lessons.

  2. I had Stella last year as a field supervisor. I found her to be very professional, helpful, and believe it or not sympathetic. I cannot say a bad thing about her.

  3. She also gave me a U on lessons I had previously been rated S on. She did not come at the agreed time for the observation. I agree that she has no personality and only follows orders. The frightening thing is that these orders are being handed down to willing stooges.

  4. They are using flyby observations to destroy careers. These supervisors have no shame.

  5. These supervisors are trained to use gotcha to abuse and discriminate against older teachers. They also enjoy trying to get older teachers out.

  6. A lot of lawyers will take your cases of the observations are frivolous.

  7. Many lawsuits are going to be filed with the abusiveness going on.

  8. Today my “supervisor” came in unannounced to review a lesson plan for a formal observation. She brought this person, Ms.K, with her. I asked Ms.K to leave the room, and she said she would find another place to sit. After the discussion, we left the room, and Ms. K had been sitting outside the door listening to everything. That’s not unprofessional. It’s corrupt.

    • These field supervisors are told to get rid of older teachers, they just follow orders as good minions.

  9. She lies in the observations. They are clearly following a dirty agenda.

  10. I bought myself the memoQ recording pen and held it during my observation. It also writes. It’s an excellent, easy to use (but expensive) way to make sure you can rebut what they say during an observation or conference. After getting a U, I asked for the name and contact of my field supervisor’s (Cortazzo) supervisor. She backed off me.

  11. Teachers fighting for justice

    Only a serious lawsuit can stop these nonsenses.

    • There is clearly a dirty agenda, and they cannot keep the secret anymore. Some supervisors are saying the truth.

  12. They are told to write negative observations to get rid of older teachers, even if the lesson is good.

  13. She likes to observe teachers out of license, that way is easier to rate a teacher U.

  14. She is an expert in portraying a teacher in a negative way even if the teacher has given a good lesson.

  15. While the DOE is still going after veteran teachers, and ATRs with field supervisors. Unfortunately they are going to need the ATRs after abusing them for so many years. I guess our leaders are clueless.

  16. She is completely useless, and a waste of resources.

  17. The DOE will still be allowed to have two lists of ATRs. The first list for ATRs who came from closing schools or programs and the other for ATRs who survived their 3020-a discipline hearings. Based on past placements, the DOE only recommends hiring from the first list and only when there are no ATRs left on the first list will ATRs who won their 3020-a termination hearings be offered a vacancy. To ensure that ATRs who won their 3020-a hearings are not offered a position, the Scarlet Letter (red flag) remains on their file for principals to see, even when the ATR was found not to have committed the charge. The average age of an ATR is around 53, so this qualifies as age discrimination. Many fellow teachers that are being hired have not completed their masters, or are completely inexperienced. There are rumors that Tweed had encouraged Principals to target their more senior staff, and field supervisors are also coming with an agenda.

  18. Teachers United for Justice

    Field supervisors have a very dirty agenda, and we know what it is. Some field supervisors are talking already.

    • Cassandra Schriffen

      Many ATRs have been treated badly because they are over 65. Seniors in NYC should remember this and vote against a Mayor who does not respect age. We also must thank our Union for saving our jobs. Please meet with us this summer and write something nice about ATRs in our union newspaper. Many of us have made a difference in our schools. One year I taught 100 students by myself as an ATR. All New Yorkers should rise up about teaching our students that old people do not matter. Senior teacher lives matter because we are good for students.

  19. Teachers United for Justice

    Little stooges writing frivolous observations on goid experienced teachers because they are following orders. They talk but do not walk the talk. A waste of resources.

  20. The lady is useless. Just follows orders.

  21. Teachers United for Justice

    Many resources are being wasted. There will be many lawsuits.

  22. Very capable in putting a teacher in a bad positio

  23. I’m an ATR. I have a problem with Mrs. Kostopolous regarding false statements in an observation. I contacted the Union Rep. in the school; she told me that district rep is sick. What should I do? any advice?

  24. I reported her to the Union. I am in a big fight with her. I am not scared of her. Now she can’t come to see me by herself. My union rep advised her boss not to send her to see me anymore. She can’t even tell lies. Her lies are so blatant even a 2nd grade student can catch them. My union rep said that my case will go to the chancellor because I have clear evidence that she has made false statements and lied on my observation report.

    • They will not do anything to her. She had made false statements trying to discredit teachers and have destroyed good teachers. She lives and harasses teachers all the time.

    • They even lie under oath.

  25. She tells you to do your lessons a certain way and then when you do, she criticizes what she’s told you to do. She doesn’t give credit to you for the good things you did during your lessons and writes fictional accounts of what you did to put you down and give you a U. I’ve never seen such a corrupt supervisor. It’s time for a class action suit against her, especially for her discriminatory actions toward the older teachers.

  26. She probably goes to church on Sundays and then hurts people the rest of the week. She’ll have a lot to answer for someday. Anyone at the DOE who supports her will have a lot to answer for too someday.

  27. . To give an example, one field supervisor is Justin Stark. Mr. Stark is given a caseload that, according Freedom of Information Law records, appears to be only older teachers. Despite being sent to “support” ATRs, Mr. Stark usually winds up rating veteran ATRs poorly. To align this allegation of Field Supervisor targeting to age discrimination, Field Supervisor James Quail gave one veteran ATR an Unsatisfactory rating for the year. He then told that ATR that if he “retires,” he would then change the rating to a Satisfactory. The ATR agreed and was then given a new Satisfactory end of the year rating. The ATR then rescinded his retirement and held on to both ratings. For additional information on Field Supervisor harassment

  28. The Union is responsible for these abuses and harassment, and by looking the other way.

  29. Who provides you with the list of targets.

    • Teachrrs United for Justice

      Fair student funding is responsible for age discrimination , including but not limited to : negative observation ratings, being told harassing lies during your post-ob , being over-scrutinized on a daily basis as administrators look for anything they can call a problem even when it isn’t a problem, being treated differently than younger teachers and told you didn’t do enough of something during the lesson, false accusations, principals having derogatory conversations about you with parents in an effort to gang up against you, closing schools and dismissing only older teachers who have to go on interviews that they will never win, being unfairly targeted for termination charges, being ATRed and therefore sent like a bag lady or man from school to school. And the list goes on. And this is ALL the result of Fair Student Funding

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