Sharon Meade

NYCDOE ATR Field Supervisor Sharon Meade



  1. I am no longer an ATR but I’ve had run ins with Sharon Meade and I can say she wants all ATR’s gone. If she is your supervisor, record all interactions with her. She likes to start out by telling you about retiring or taking leaves. She is a snake. Her observations are bogus and she doesn’t come the times she schedules observations. Be careful with that woman.

  2. Teachers fighting for justice

    They are coming with a clear agenda.

  3. She has an opinion that all ATRs should be gone.

  4. Calling her a snake is an insult to snakes.

  5. They are clearly painting a negative picture of ATRs because most of these teachers are in their 50s. She is part of the systemic age discrimination going on.

  6. Sharon Meade swears she knows it all. She talks down to people and is rude. I would love for her to act like that on the street with me. Old washed up bitch needs to retire herself

  7. It is called age discrimination to push out ATRs.

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