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  1. From Chaz Blog

    Richard Marino is the Field Supervisor listed below.

    This is a true story that has happened this school year. I have kept the names of the teacher and field supervisor out of this post to protect the ATR from retaliation.

    The story starts innocently enough. The field supervisor, a retired middle school principal from the Bronx, formally observed the teacher in her contact area (Biology) and gave her a “satisfactory rating”. End of story? Not quite.

    A month later the field supervisor showed up for an informal observation while the teacher was assigned to cover a foreign language class. The ATR was given work by the absent teacher to hand out to the class. She handed out the work and walked around the room to make sure the students were on task. While she is not a foreign language teacher she did offer assistance to students who seemed to be struggling with the assignment. The ATR took attendance and because some students arrived quite late to class, the ATR took the time to take attendance again to ensure accuracy.

    At the end of the class the field supervisor told the ATR that her classroom pedagogy was “unsatifactory”. Why you ask? Here’s why according to the field supervisor.

    First, he wanted the teacher to expand the teacher directed assignment beyond the material given to the students to complete, despite the ATR having no real knowledge of the subject.

    Second, the field supervisor complained that some of the students were not on task and were talking. Really? How unrealistic is it for an ATR who has never seen these students before, expect them to exibit perfect behavior.

    Third, The field supervisor claimed the lesson was disjointed. However, the lesson came from the absent teacher and not the ATR. How can he blame the ATR for somebody else’s lesson?

    Fourth, taking attendance twice was a waste of time.

    Finally, the field supervisor saw no common core or rigor in the lesson. Really? Didn’t the lesson come from the absent teacher? What was the ATR to do, ignore the lesson and risk being insubordinate or follow the school’s direction and hand out the absent teacher’s assignment? Moreover, the ATR is a Science teacher and how can she add common core based rigor in a subject she has little knowledge of?

    This abuse of the observation process by the field supervisors must stop and the ATRs should only be observed in their content specialty. Being observed in a subject that the ATR is unfamiliar with is wrong and harmful which must be stopped by the union.

    • Hi. I read some of these supervisor situations just today on Feb vacation. I made it a point to say that the only way I found an observation to be acceptable was in my content area and even chose a teacher to approach as well as a specific day as possible. Now last year I had ms Williams n this year do not. After hearing me out she said yes that is definitely how I do it. I felt as comfortable as I could with this procedure I set up for myself had better class management n structure and received 2 s ratings last year n one this year. I don’t get how it went like that for me by speaking up yet others with the same supervisor etc. Had these unacceptable random observations. This in itself is vert telling n unacceptable. ATRs themselves must speak out n deny an observation that is not set up in the correct manner. Its just like over the years where I have atr friends that do scanning ,hall monitoring, admin tasks etc. Without complaint. That in itself makes it difficult for the next atr who stands up for proper assignments.. This sort of stuff comes from them and atrs need to tell them ever single time if it is appropriate or not the assignments or observations etc. And say it is unacceptable when it is so.

  2. Now Richard Marino comes back with a second Field Supervisor that is visiting with others as well. Kathy Marra

    • Got my first S Formal observation back in October from Richard Marino. haven’t seen him since then. he comes in last week to do a formal observation AGAIN BUT NOW comes back with a second Field Supervisor Kathy Marra THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN OR MET found that funny n unusual. He comes back today and tells me the observation was a U BUT DONT WORRY THAT doesn’t mean I’m getting a year end U rating, I said really because I did the same lesson in PE in a (classroom for my S observation)this time with a new class in a classroom (not gym) again-now it’s a U Really guess I was under the radar to much they sent the dogs in on me to perfect of a ATR WITH NO LETTERS to file OR PROBLEMS AT ANY SCHOOL.

  3. Sets one up for failure
    Sweet talks but he is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing
    U rates you from the get go, with extremely nasty comments
    Others and I have gotten reports that didn’t seem to apply to the lesson taught
    Once you get that first U, you are in for meetings to improve your teaching
    Comes for above meetings at very I opportune times
    Arrives early for observation
    He is a liar

    • They are told to get rid of older teachers. They want ATRs gone so tgey can hire cheaper experienced teachers.

    • Teachers United for Justice

      Definetly a liar and on the nasty side.

    • Shameful, seems that he has a hidden agenda.

    • The observations of ATRs in rotating assignments is unprofessional and unacceptable on several counts:
      *The ATRs often don’t know the students.
      *The ATRs often have been covering a class out of license, with or without the regular teacher’s lesson plan.
      *The ATRs are told to differentiate lessons for the students, but they have not met them or have not been provided their IEPs or other personal data such as ELL status.
      * There are no consequences for these Supervisors to lie. Most of them are falsifying the dialogue.
      *All a setup for engaging in age discrimination. The observation system used as a weapon to make an experienced teacher look like incompetent.
      * The rating officer is someone an ATR never met.
      It is all about discrimination and harassment. Thank you Mulgrew.

  4. A waste of resources that may lead to several lawsuits.

  5. Teachers United for Justice

    Definetly has an agenda to use any lame reason to give teachers a U.

  6. These cases of abuse should be brought to the New York State Department of Labor. They have a unit in harassment and discrimination.

    • How unfair is it to observe a teacher in a classroom of strangers, with no ownership of their grades, and no idea how much rigor to put into a lesson since the ATR has no idea of the students’ academic ability? It is just age discrimination

  7. Definitely a bully. He is very disruptive.

  8. Does not want to give pre-observations. Just wants to give U-ratings. Definetly comes with an agenda to try to fire ATRs.

  9. The UFT should file a group grievance on Supervisors that are not acting in good faith.

    • The man should go to Florida to retire for good.

    • Teachrrs United for Justice

      Being rated in another system it is also discriminatory. And not having assigned classes is discriminatory while they hire new teachers. Having our Union negotiate secret deals without voting on it is discriminatory. Being rated by someone we never met is outrageous. The whole ATR Pool is discriminatory. Etc….
      Shameful and ridiculous. The Union is to be blamed for the harassment that we put up with, and the abuse.

  10. Teachrrs United for Justice

    The DOE will still be allowed to have two lists of ATRs. The first list for ATRs who came from closing schools or programs and the other for ATRs who survived their 3020-a discipline hearings. Based on past placements, the DOE only recommends hiring from the first list and only when there are no ATRs left on the first list will ATRs who won their 3020-a termination hearings be offered a vacancy. To ensure that ATRs who won their 3020-a hearings are not offered a position, the Scarlet Letter (red flag) remains on their file for principals to see, even when the ATR was found not to have committed the charge. The average age of an ATR is around 53, so this qualifies as age discrimination. Many fellow teachers that are being hired have not completed their masters, or are completely inexperienced. There are rumors that Tweed had encouraged Principals to target their more senior staff, and field supervisors are also coming with an agenda. They are falsifying the dialogue.

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