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My name is Orlando Cole and I and a 29 year veteran teacher. I have spent 27 of those years working for the New York City Department of Education. I wound up in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool at the end of the 2013 school year as a result of excessing.
Although I have looked very hard for another position I have not been able to find one.

Kathlyn Layne came to me during the first week of school to announce she would be doing an observation on September 23rd. At our pre-observation conference she went over the general information we all received about what was being expected of me during this observation. Since I am a licensed music teacher I was asked to prepare a music lesson in a school which had no music program. Furthermore, the principal of the school objected to her disrupting the work his teachers were doing by allowing this observation. He told her it would not be possible to observe me in some makeshift music class as he needed me to be available to cover classes.

Miss Layne arrived a day earlier, September 22nd, to review what my plan will be for my next day’s observation. I went over the plans and asked for her input, trying to keep it professional.

She then went to confer with the principal and asked him if I could “perform a lesson” in one of his classes. He said no again and that I was needed to cover classes. He told her I would be covering an English class that day as a teacher went home sick.

The principal gave me the material I was required to teach, an English lesson, which was an Edger Alan Poe story. There were questions that went along with this story and he wanted them answered.

Miss Layne came in an observed the English lesson which, under the circumstances, I though went smoothly. Naturally the lesson was rated unsatisfactory for the silly reasons they use in order to U rate us.

I am a 29 year veteran and I feel as though I am being attacked at all ends.

She now feels free to come to the school to observe me teaching in any class such as algebra. She showed up on October 27 to observe me teaching Algebra. It is all a part of her improvement plan to make be a better English/ Algebra teacher.

She objected to this lesson because she said it was too easy. I was doing the lesson provided to me by the school.
On November 3 I was summoned to the principals office for a disciplinary hearing . I have recordings of her berating and shouting at me during this meeting because I have no clue on preparing a lesson in algebra and English and she refuses to give me examples of “generic lessons” as she calls them.

She is demanding that I prepare lessons in algebra and English. Subjects that I have no qualification in. My certification says music.
We are not serving the students of this city correctly if we are forced to teach subjects which we have no experience in.
I have documentation and recordings of all of these encounters which are included with this letter
I feel as though if the city can not place me in the appropriate position they should offer me a package. We are not serving the children of our city if we are forcing teachers into positions they are not qualified to teach.

On November 12, 2014 Miss Layne appeared at Teachers High school and was harassing me again about writing English lessons. She said she was going to observe me again teaching out of license.

I feel like I am being discriminated against because I have 29 years in and no position. Because of the high cost of my salary no principal is going to hire me so they send these field supervisors like Miss Layne to harass and hound me out of the system.


Mr. Orlando Cole



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  2. naturally like your website but you need too check the spelling on several of your posts.
    Many of themm are rife with spelling isues and I in finding
    it very bothersome to inform thhe reality then agsin I’ll certainly
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  3. She was my supervisor last year too. She gave me a U on my first observation which was in a pre-k class. She said I should have told a student a statement he made was “culturally insensitive”. He had literally turned 4 the day before. Then she puts me on a teacher improvement plan because according to her I was incapable of writing a lesson plan. I was rated effective last year. She responded that a lot of people got effectives who didn’t deserve it. She popped in on me when I was covering an eighth grade social studies class (I am an elementary school teacher). I gave them the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and questions to be answered afterward. Of course no one was listening. She blamed me and said I should be able to write a middle lesson plan and suggested I do a lesson on serial killers such as the Zodiac and Son of Sam because the students were used to violence! I was glad when the end of the year came and I got my S.

  4. These stories are ridiculous. The whole observation process by field supervisors is a sham. They suppose to find us new positions.

  5. Dr.Layne observed me in a very disfunctional school. she herself said that she would not write it up and would observe me in another school. Unfortunately, she wrote up the observation as ‘FORMAL’ and gave me a U. She is a liar and cannot be trusted. RUN! RUN! Run! if ever you have her as your supervisor

  6. What Dr. Layne did was very wrong. Surely, it seems that they are being paid to get rid of teachers. Remember Karma? It comes back to bite you in the ass.

  7. MS.Layne, if you were a generally nice person everyone would have something positive to say about you. It seems that you have a virus, something itching you to offend, humiliate and disgrace ATR teachers. Maybe you got a “D” rating yourself, is that why you are an ATR supervisor?
    Check yourself!

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