Justin Stark

Justin Stark

Anonymous said…I wasn’t emailed anything and I am an atr. But the disgusting and gross and incompetent field supervisor Justin Stark delivered my first u rating ever to me in person. I have been teaching twice as long as him and he gave mea a u. He has made this year so miserable for me – I can’t wait to leave – I am a good teacher and a good person and I will be leaving sooner rather than later because I can’t work for an organization that treats good people so badly and lets scum like Stark rule the world. Where is my email?

Anonymous said…

perfect blog! right on – we must get rid of this travesty – the ATR field supervisors are beyond horrendous and terrible – they are terrible people who do terrible things to good people and they should all be put in a padded room to rate each other. the union needs to do something fast – Stark is ruining people’s lives.

Anonymous said…

Justin Stark is a the terrible field supervisor that is making people miserable and jeopardizing our careers and our health from the stress that he is causing us





  1. Every teacher is entitled to a pre-observation.

    Field supervisors are only supposed to observe you in license, so have an in-license lesson plan with you at all times…..when they track you down, give it to them and ask for their written approval/disapproval.

    • Not that I know anything but in this lefty socialist-commie bubble of Bill DiBlasio, these types of un-ethical, crooked BS thugs are still roaming around, they want you to either quit or to spend thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer for legal assistance to over-turning your u-rating.

      • what are you talking about? Bill deblasio is on our side! He said so himself.

        • OK if he is on our side, why still the harassment and blunt arrogance from these field supervisors? The negative attitudes and vicious attacks by lying and falsifying dialogue between the teachers and the FS? Has anything improved?

      • “lefty communist bubble”……John if you think the direction of getting private sector to take over public sector is communism, you must have flunked HS History. The correct description is “fascism”.

      • The Union is to blamed for giving field supervisors a license to be able to interpret in an arbitrary and in a capricious way the observation process.

    • He does not give pre-obs and he harasses teachers to the limit.

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  3. How many people have Justin Stark? Is it the same as last year?

  4. Good Evening, February 5, 2015

    On October 7, 2013, I started at the school. Mr. Stark came to the school on October 8, 2013, early that morning and stated I was going to be formally observed (FO) on October 10, 2013. After the October 10, 2013, FO, I received an unsatisfactory FO. I do not consider the introductory meeting an informal observation (IO) from early September 2013, as the IO for the October 10, 2013, FO. However, Mr. Stark did state that the September 2013, meeting was an IO.

    I received an IO on March 24, 2014, and the FO on March 25, 2014). Mr. Stark gave me a failing rating for that FO. In addition, Mr. Stark “graciously” supplied me with an unsatisfactory rating June 2014.

    • You must stand up to this type of Supervisor, otherwise he doesn’t respect you. Yes he tries very hard to get you. I now have him e-mailing me as to when he is coming to the school to see me. Told him I was busy and him just popping up can disrupt the school.He gave me 3 disciplinary conferences this month alone all unfounded. I give him A for effort.Wrote a 2 page letter and sent it to his boss- he is much nicer because I now have a paper trail on him I tape every meeting and will not let him give me a u without a fight.I know I was getting to him once because he turned bright red and I thought I might have to preform CPR

      • Good religious person may he and his family have the same karma that he sends out. The Torah states that you are to seek the truth and only have God as your boss. Maybe he hasn’t begun to read it or he just doesn’t understand the meaning of torah

      • Who is his boss?

      • Lies and try to portray ATRs in a negative way. Part og the ageism going on tin the DOE. Systemic age discrimination

  5. What a waste Not even worth commenting about

  6. These ATR supervisors are administrators from failed schools. Why are they given the responsibility to observe ATRs if they couldnt manage their own house?

  7. Justin Starke is the best,


    His family

    • I am happy to know that he is “the best” according to his family,so why is he treating teachers like dirt as if they do not count. He has a job to support his family, doesn’t he think teachers have no family to support.
      Take a hike and continue to be the ASS-HOLE you were meant to be.

      • I was trying to be funny…..sorry if your limited ability couldn’t pick up on it, you dolt.

      • He is just a hatchet. They tell him to go after certain teachers. Basically he goes after survivors of the 3020A teachers to finish them up.

  8. They are engaging in.discriminatory practices by setting ATRs up for failure.

  9. Is stark the fat supervisor ?

  10. Ready to destroy careers based on high expectations.

  11. The DOE has instructed these field supervisors to get rid of teachers. Some of them are enjoying very much to destroy careers, and they know the YET will look the other way.

  12. They are violaring article 8J in the contract by not prividing specific pre-observations, and using gotcha to try to terminate experienced teachers. In two years there will be a shortage of teachers.

  13. What school/department was Justin Stark? When? Was he a department AP, or APO?

  14. He was a Social Studies teacher in the Rockaways. And get this fellow ATRs he is good friends with Washington Samchez. What gets me is that he is a religious man, a man sworn to honor the commandments and yet has made a pact with the devil or maybe is the devil himself.

  15. Stark was an APO for a number of years at Far Rock, and he never supervised pedagogy…..he was in charge of giving out forms. The single, most telling thing about him, and other ATR Supervisors, is that when they were given a chance to be hit men or in-school administrator,they chose the former.

  16. Veteran Teachers Fighting United

    What a waste of resources and nonsense!

  17. He lies in the observations, and he manipulates the situation.

  18. It seems like there is already a lawsuit against this guy for abusive practices.

    • Young. “Even with rental income from one of the homes, there’s no way I can afford both mortgages at the same time.” ++W+++++++++++HY do people buy a new house when they haven’t sold their old one? Is this stupid or what? Yet, people do this all the time….

  19. Where / who is the lawsuit against Justin Stark? I can support it with evidence……

  20. Teachers fighting for justice

    There will be legal action taken against these abuses.

  21. Teachers fighting for justice

    He will do anything to push experienced teachers out of the system.

  22. Teachers fighting for justice

    Serious investigations and press coverage will happened very soon.

  23. Poor man, it is very clear that he is a hatchet.

  24. Justin Stark really did marry his first cousin in an arranged marriage!

    You cant make these things up….

  25. They will do anything to rate ATRs unsatisfactory. That is their duty agenda, and he is one of the best in following orders.

  26. While the DOE is still going after veteran teachers, and ATRs with field supervisors. Unfortunately they are going to need the ATRs after abusing them for so many years. I guess our leaders are clueless.

  27. He does not know science but he is helping a science teacher.

  28. Ruining reputations by writing bad observations on purpose to target teachers for termination is not ethical.

  29. Nothing but a stuttering pin head.

  30. Teachers United for Justice

    He has been doing the dirty work and destroying careers. The Jewish religion is against that.

  31. Stark was the dumpy little child that everyone beat up. He’s getting his ya-ya’s out now.

  32. As of Fall 2017, Justin Stark accepted a position as AP Social Studies at Edison HS, Queens NY. Interesting that the tool we all despise has not posted his pic on the school website.


  33. He is definitely engaging in age discrimination tactics.

  34. Stark is nothing but a bitch. Hes been at Edison HS for a year, and still hasnt posed his pic.

    Hey Justin…..grow a pair of balls!

    • Teachrrs United for Justice

      Fair student funding is responsible for age discrimination , including but not limited to : negative observation ratings, being told harassing lies during your post-ob , being over-scrutinized on a daily basis as administrators look for anything they can call a problem even when it isn’t a problem, being treated differently than younger teachers and told you didn’t do enough of something during the lesson, false accusations, principals having derogatory conversations about you with parents in an effort to gang up against you, closing schools and dismissing only older teachers who have to go on interviews that they will never win, being unfairly targeted for termination charges, being ATRed and therefore sent like a bag lady or man from school to school. And the list goes on. And this is ALL the result of Fair Student Funding

  35. Poor Stark, they are checking on your abusive practices.

    . To give an example, one field supervisor is Justin Stark. Mr. Stark is given a caseload that, according Freedom of Information Law records, appears to be only older teachers. Despite being sent to “support” ATRs, Mr. Stark usually winds up rating veteran ATRs poorly. To align this allegation of Field Supervisor targeting to age discrimination, Field Supervisor James Quail gave one veteran ATR an Unsatisfactory rating for the year. He then told that ATR that if he “retires,” he would then change the rating to a Satisfactory. The ATR agreed and was then given a new Satisfactory end of the year rating. The ATR then rescinded his retirement and held on to both ratings. For additional information on Field Supervisor harassment

  36. Justin Stark, fail APO, failed AP, was canned from Edison HS after a year of probation.

    Got to love it.

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