James Quail

James Quail

65 Court St.
(718) 935-3698
From ATR:
James Quail… Watch out for this guy and if you can record all meetings with him.http://www.southbronxschool.com/2014/06/james-quail-doe-atr-supervisor-trys-to.html


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  2. Hatchet man and Gotcha Squad. Some of his practices are If one student says anything negative, he uses that to conclude the entire class thought that way. If one student says I’m bored, he will wrote on POC the class was boring because of that one comment. He will tell you you corrected what was lacking in your last observation and still give you a U for new deficiencies he found. That is a disgusting , unfair method of evaluation. You fix in the third observation what he said was wrong in the second and still get a U. You should receive an S for moving in the right direction. He is completely out of touch with the realities of teaching a class for the first time. He will give you a U for not having kids raise their hands. The priority in teaching someone else’s class is to get the kids talking and engaged. If there are no management issues and kids aren’t talking all at once, is it important they raise their hands? The kids don’t know you. You don’t know their names. If they raise their hands, do you point at them? Just let them share for God’s sake. He also likes to have any staff leave the room. He then fabricates things like he spoke to the kids and they said negative things or didn’t know how to do the work. I can go on and on. This man is a jerk and is unfit to evaluate teachers professionally or as a human being. I know a sweet 30 year veteran woman teacher he called a “fat slob.” I have nothing good to say about Jim Quail. He goes after certain people and will tell them they are receiving all this extra attention because the dept wants to help you. But when you ask him to go over your lesson plan before an observation he won’t do it or at best say it’s unclear without really looking at it. It’s unclear to him. He doesn’t understand anything rigorous. He was not a high school teacher. He was grade school and came out of retirement as a grade school principal to be an ATR supervisor. He should be brought up on charges for dishonesty, targeting, and arbitrary abuse of power.

  3. I have had my troubled encounters with James Quail, who, despite clear evidence, went after me, rubber-roomed and atr’d me (in support of his former employee, Liza Caraballo Suarez of PS 120K, when he was principalof PS 250K)simply because I whistle-blew her breaking the law on several counts. He covered up for her in order to assassinate my character, until my prevailing due to filing a pro-se lawsuit which caused him to cough up some records, showing that my whistle-blowing of her resulted in an investigation that found her guilty! Yet, I was the one castigated by being reassigned and, despite her being found guilty of violating federal law, she continued unscathed and even today still holds on to her principal’s job, though the finding of her guilt occurred 8 years ago. He is an accomplice in her breaking the law and did so with impunity with a cleasr conflict of interest. And he did so with no resistance from the UFT and NYSUT, which is why I denounced and sued the union for not mounting a vigorous and aggressive defense of me. Also co-conspirators! I sued Liza Caraballo, principal and Joel Klein in both their official and non-official capacities. I also sued the DOE and the PEP (Panel for Educ’l Policy) AS WELL AS DENOUNCING THEM ALL AT PEP MEETINGS! Quail was only lucky that I didn’t get to mame him in the lawsuit!

  4. Quail is the go to guy for harassment. If an ATR has been problem coded for difficult behavior, i.e. refusing demeaning assignments, he is sent in. He will openly insult you. Record him! He will U rate even if you are the best teacher in the world. His goal is to get you to quit. Don’t do it! I know of no ATR who has been brought to a 3020a for unsatisifactories. It simply won’t hold up, and they know it!

  5. Many ATRs are being charged with 3020-a. All ATRs should have at least 3 witnesses and fight on the basis of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Teaching in the 21st Century being ignored.

  6. Betsy, received a u rating for attendance 2 years ago with medical documentation. What are our rights. We need to do a class action law suite

  7. Quail has no authority other than to observe and support. The rights you have are to fight the rating on the basis of the authority given to the Field Supervisors, and each case is fought on the basis of the circumstances in that particular case. so far there are no procedures for rating ATRs in the contract. and, there is arbitration won by the UFT on absences with medical proof

    • Unfortunately it does not matter, these Supervisors are getting away with murder because the UFT is tolerating discrimination.

      • Being rated in another system it is also discriminatory. And not having assigned classes is discriminatory while they hire new teachers. Having our Union negotiate secret deals without voting on it is discriminatory. Being rated by someone we never met is outrageous. The whole ATR Pool is discriminatory. Etc….
        Shameful and ridiculous. The Union is to be blamed for the harassment that we put up with, and the abuse.

  8. I received a u rating for documented sick,days. I retired a year later because I wanted to. The U rating blocks me from receiving a sub license. What ar my rights. I was never observed during the year. A week before school end in June a ATR supervisor met with me and said I found possibly receive a U Rating.

    • They are in the business of getting rid of older teachers, so they can hire cheaper young ones.

    • Our Union is a complete disgrace for allowing its more experienced teachers to be targeted because they became expensive. These field supervisors are only there to harass us, and rate older teschers U.

  9. There is clearly a dirty agenda to have teachers being observed in classes that the teachers never met.

  10. He told an ATR that their teaching techniques are too old.

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