Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan


  1. This guy is the ATR supervisor for the Bronx. He retired in March and was working out of Monroe HS. He’s targeted several ATRs who were brought up on charges from a very vindictive Ms. Bridget Bye of Pan American HS. He will berate you and try to get you to admit to his accusations. Make sure you have union rep if he meets with you. This guy went after a close friend of mine, Dr. Edwards, who was a pastor. He harassed him intensely last year. Dr. Edwards described him to me as an evil man. Dr. Edwards passed away last spring, right before he was about to retire. One of the finest friend’s I have ever had. Guys like Ryan need to be lanced like a boil from the DOE.

  2. I have him this year as my supervisor. I had my first formal. I don’t know how things will work out.

  3. He is a perfect fit for the worst school system in the USA. We are getting what we deserve!

  4. I had him…he gave me all u’s…nothing I could do was right. I knew all my lessons were good but not according to him. He brought me up on 3020a for incompetence.

  5. A concern administrator who had negative dealing with Mr Ryan

    Mr. Ryan does not live in the State of New York. An investigation showed he lives in New Jersey. Violation

  6. I was given U’s by him …and brought up on incompetence by him which led to 3020a.

  7. The Union will never help us, they want to get rid of ATRs.

  8. So far this year he has been reasonable except for his request to submit weekly lesson plans.

  9. As a first time Absent Teacher Reserve I had Mr. Ryan and I am surprised with those negatives comments, he never show up to my observations intoxicated, he gave me constructive advice. I really like the guy..this was 2015/2016 school year…He offered to give me a letter of recommendation…I was never under the impression he was out to get me.

  10. He refuses to model a lesson, yet he sets up high expectations that are impossible to follow.

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