Eileen Miller-Cohen

Eileen Miller-Cohen


  1. I have her currently as my supervisor. She is easy to talk to for the most part and even told me to avoid a school that requested an interview that had a “toxic environment” her words. She’s observed me once so far but we haven’t had a post op yet. Will report more when I get the opportunity to. It’s great that this resource is available.

  2. Justin,
    She was my FS in 2014-2015 school year. True she is very understanding and not only does she listen intently but she also gave me similar types of inside advice that was only helpful. The only thing was that even though her intentions were definitely good towards me, since I had been on an extended leave of absence for restoration of health, at one point she was pressed to have me sign a document regarding the number of my absences even though they were all medically approved,. I felt it was something she did not necessarily want to do but was getting pressure from above to have me sign this document. Since I was still recovering from a very serious automobile accident I actually did not make it back in at the end of the year and there was no observation or follow up on the document that I asked her if I could wait until our next meeting to sign it. She never made an issue out of it and there was nothing negative in my file. Last year I had a new supervisor and it was a little bit of a different story. She was very warm and apparently caring and yet I think that we all need to remember that our Field Supervisors are Principals who are in their own ATR pool and therefore they have people that they have to answer to and do what they are asked as well.

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