Diane Ludvigsen

Diane Ludvigsen


  1. Diane was wonderful to me. Last when I became an ATR she helped in so many ways I cannot count. She is kind and she smiles. She was so attentive to my concerns and needs. She was the first person in a long time that did not make me feel like a was a bad person.

  2. Diana is truly a supervisor who is doing what she is doing for the right reasons. She does want to help and does what she can for you. I was treated with respect and did not feel threatened at all by her. In a perfect world, supervisors should be someone we can can count on. In this world, sadly, that is not a reality. Nonetheless, if I had to choose a supervisor, Diana would be the one.

  3. Diane is a real supervisor. She is the best.

  4. Diane…..you’re not supposed to write falsified assessments of yourself!

  5. Diane was a useless hack…

  6. For a few extra sheckles in her purse, she’ll happily destroy you.

  7. Makes Justin Stark look like a rocket scientist

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