Claudette Robertson

Claudette Robertson


  1. She came to see me right away. She explained the process to me. She told me that she came to observe me because I got a U last year. She told me that if I get a U for the observation she will work with me and then observe me again. She also talked to me about other things. She told me what she’s looking for. Also she told me about going to interviews and getting a job. I told her I’d love to but I haven’t gotten an interviews yet.
    She then came out on the date to observe me. She talked to me after and told me what I could do better, and then left.
    She emailed me later that day telling me that I got an “S” for the observation. I never heard from her again.

  2. She observed me teach a first-grade class. During the post-observation meeting, she said, “They read at a rather low level for third graders.” I thought about letting her know they were first-grades, but never bothered.

  3. She comes in with an attitude at the beginning stating that she had given two teachers a U and she hopes that she does not have to give me one.She initially gave me a U because she woke up a students who was sleeping and she was cussed out. hey, as an ATR I was told not to wake them up as they are high on something in the morning. I wrote a letter and she reversed the U to an S. Believe it or not She got a D in her observation. Oh Yeah!

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