Ayo Mendez

Ayo Mendez


  1. Inexperienced supervisor. Talks a lot of garbage with eloquence.

    • She needs to lay off the bullying and tag teaming with Quail and Falzone.

      • Renee Osborne-Hill

        I know this is Winter break but this Ayo Mendez should up right after two months of covering a music class of which the teacher quit back in Sept. Oct. of 2017.
        I was asked to cover class even though I’m a liiscenced guidance counselor
        I informed principal that I’m not to cover classes .
        He indicated I would have a liscence teacher in the classroom and it was to be a short period of time.
        That short period of time turned out to be much longer.
        When I did report one afternoon after a Science Mosal exam,principal came to classroom where I pushed in and stated, after I restated my position, “I’m going to talk to your Supervisor”.
        The next day, Ayo Mendez shows up and has been showing up whenever she wants.
        She’s already given me two u’s for informal of which I have been assigned to this school since Sept.2017 and was not given any directives for working with counseling students until Dec.of that year.
        I was originally placed in an ELA class.
        I’m feeling harassed, interrupted when she shows up unannounced and takes up a lot of time during which I have students to meet with, “at risk”
        I’ve been a counselor for 20 plus years.
        What can be done to stop this.
        Why are atr guidance counselors being harassed?
        Is this legal?
        I also feel that I may be taped as her reports seem to verbatim.
        Is this legal?
        What recourse do I have?
        Updating info. to guidance chapter leader, again and district rep
        I would appreciate your input.

        • a few years back ayo was my stupidvisor. she was horrible at her job and gave me my first and only “u” rating in 20 years. I decided to file a complaint. long story short idiot ayo never shows up for the hearing because her stupidivisor threw her under the bus. they all lie on each other. fight her she is incompetent if your right you can win. I did!

    • Absolutely agree

    • Teachrrs United for Justice

      Our Union is a complete disgrace for allowing its more experienced teachers to be targeted because they became expensive. These field supervisors are only there to harass us, and rate older teschers U.

  2. Re: Ms. Swazy Ayo Mendez
    Ms. Mendez conducted an observation as my Field Supervisor March 2014, just prior to a requested medical leave of absence. Not only did I never receive the results of that observation without feedback, I never received the rating on my performance for that observation. It is my belief that information regarding my attendance on that day (the day just before the medical leave of absence) was falsified and I was reported as absent, with full knowledge of the school site leader. I do have proof of my attendance on this particular day. This is my belief.

  3. dianapetrakis@yahoo.com


    I, unfortunately, do know from experience.
    Ms. Ayo Mendez, a puppet for the DOE/NYC teachers,
    who proved herself to being an inept and bully Field
    Supervisor. I guess this organization does
    protect inappropriate and not helpful Supervisors
    such as Ms. Mendez. It is unfair, sad, and corrupt.

    Ms. Mendez has caused much and ongoing professional
    hardship for teachers working for the DOE/NYC

    • Deborah Diazgranados

      From elementary school teacher, to assistant principal through her mother Elaine Johnson Mendez friend who was the principal. Favor after favor and you promote her to field supervisor. She moves to Long Pond, Pennsylvania and you allow that when she is no longer a resident of New York. How is that? She has a master; but have you check the GPA? She has no handicap child like the Mayor aid that was going to be fired for living in New Jersey. You talk about corrupt just living in Long Pond, Pennsyvlania and its posted on her Facebook, Linkin everywhere that she lives in Long Pond – then she should transfer to a teaching job in Pennyslvania. We pay all this tax and the law is she suppose to live in the five boroughs of New York So you know what you should do — demote her back to 5th grade teacher or bring her up on charges. Bring the person on charges that agreed she could buy a house in Pennsylvania on charge and if the union says anything – call Eyewitness News and CNN. Mayor of New York City we are ashamed of you for allowing this to continue.

    • Absolutely agree

  4. She lies and lies.

  5. Absent Teacher Reserve

    Ayo Mendez makes unplanned visits that disrupt the academic process. She arrives and takes up teacher’s prep periods – which is a contractual violation – or she disrupts classes by walking in unannounced and confusing the students, which wastes time in the class when students try to figure out who she is. In any profession a supervisor would notify employees that a meeting will take place, but Ayo Mendez does not notify the teachers she supervises through even the courtesy of an email. When a teacher expects to have a full prep period to plan, and Ayo makes a surprise visit, she takes up the time that teacher was going to use to plan for classes. Then Ayo will make disparaging comments about what was lacking in the lesson. Anything that is lacking is a result of Ayo not allowing teachers adequate time to plan. A simple email the night before would allow a teacher to scheduling planning time appropriately. When Ayo follows up, she sends very general commentary that provides nothing specific in regards to the lesson she observed. She sends links to irrelevant websites that cover up for her lack of knowledge in the subjects she is observing. My sentiment has been discussed frequently among many of the ATRs via social media and teacher websites, and I will continue to collect teacher anecdotes at AyoMendezBully@gmail.com.

  6. I agree with your comments. The lady should be a social worker dealing with home visit issues period. She tried all her tricks to provoke me to react by observing me in all classes without any prior notice out my license area. She finally gave me U rating but I did not grieve it because I had an emergency in the family.She even put a disciplinary letter in my file to cover herself from the threats she made to me during our post observation conference.

  7. Veteran Teachers Fighting United

    She is clearly discriminating ATRs, a complaint should be filed with the OEO.

  8. Funny, I was observed by Ms Mendez and her supervisor. During the post ob, her supervisor said, she enjoyed my lesson. However, Ms Mendez gave me a U rating for the lesson claiming that I didn’t implement the Common Core standards. When I asked her which standards was she referring to, she didn’t answered me

  9. she is perfect for the worst school system in the country!!

  10. This woman is a witch. However, I’d take out the ‘w’ out of the word witch and substituted it with a capital ‘B’.

  11. I knew she was going to give me a U and that’s exactly happened. So I’m going to grieve it just for the sake of aggravating her.

  12. Michele Weintraub

    I had Ayo last year, my first year as an ATR. She gave 2 colleagues from my closed school and myself a U the first week of school. Then she showed up 3 weeks later with some other lady to observe me. My class was 20 minutes late due to a fire drill. The building had metal detectors and 4 schools, so it is very slow to get back inside. My hands-on-lesson therefore did not go as planned and I received another U. I went down to the Manhattan UFT office to complain about her. I am now told that this coming year she will have fewer ATRs to observe. She was one of only a few full time field supervisors. Put her back in the classroom and one of us with observe her. Having her just tells you that the DOE is after the ATRs.

  13. She smiled as she handed me my Unsatisfactory Observation Report. Who does that?!?

  14. She is enjoying the fact to get ATRs U, she told an ATE her methods are too old.

  15. trust me, ms ayo Mendez has a snake like behavior. even though she always has smile on her face, she has lot of poison inside her. she will surely lie on your observation reports and annual evaluations if she does not like you. I have a very bad experience with this lady. she is the worst field supervisor one can have. she lies about everything. she is not there to help you improve. trust me, she is out there to get you. she is an unsatisfactory supervisor. if you have her as your supervisor, you are out of luck.

  16. She is the worst, unreasonable, and unknowledgeable ATR supervisor ever.

  17. The DOE will still be allowed to have two lists of ATRs. The first list for ATRs who came from closing schools or programs and the other for ATRs who survived their 3020-a discipline hearings. Based on past placements, the DOE only recommends hiring from the first list and only when there are no ATRs left on the first list will ATRs who won their 3020-a termination hearings be offered a vacancy. To ensure that ATRs who won their 3020-a hearings are not offered a position, the Scarlet Letter (red flag) remains on their file for principals to see, even when the ATR was found not to have committed the charge. The average age of an ATR is around 53, so this qualifies as age discrimination. Many fellow teachers that are being hired have not completed their masters, or are completely inexperienced. There are rumors that Tweed had encouraged Principals to target their more senior staff, and field supervisors are also coming with an agenda. Field Supervisors are falsifying the dialogue.

  18. Fair student funding is responsible for age discrimination , including but not limited to : negative observation ratings, being told harassing lies during your post-ob , being over-scrutinized on a daily basis as administrators look for anything they can call a problem even when it isn’t a problem, being treated differently than younger teachers and told you didn’t do enough of something during the lesson, false accusations, principals having derogatory conversations about you with parents in an effort to gang up against you, closing schools and dismissing only older teachers who have to go on interviews that they will never win, being unfairly targeted for termination charges, being ATRed and therefore sent like a bag lady or man from school to school. And the list goes on. And this is ALL the result of Fair Student Funding

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