Field Supervisors

Who is Your Field Supervisor and What Do They Do?

Click a name, read the comments and leave one if necessary.

Valerie Acerra

Andre Barrett

Stacey Batista

Carol Brown

Luz Cortazzo

Diana Diaz

Annelisse Falzone

Ellen Foote

Mario Ford

Sharon Gersten

Ferne Goldsmith

Mickisha Goss

Mel Greenspan

Roberta Jones

Stella Kostopoulos

Gina Langley

Kathlyn Layne

Diane Ludvigsen

Claudia Macek

Richard Marino

Kathy Marra

Sharon Meade

Ayo Mendez

Rita Menkes

Joseph Miller

Eileen Miller-Cohen

Neil Monheit

Palakunnathu Mathew George

James Quail

Susan Ransom

Claudette Robertson

Mark Ryan

Justin Stark

Evelyn Terrell

Lachmin Vasquez

Sonja Webber-Bey

Edele Williams

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An email to send to your supervisor requesting supplies

See also that you need a separate preobservation for your nex observation.


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  3. I would like if anyone having Stacey Batista as a supervisor can say if she 1. has given lesson-specific
    pre-observation conferences. 2. has a tendency to twist the facts of an observation especially regarding
    the asking of higher order questions and saying that students did not come away learning anything useful. Or 3. other outrageous comments that suggest an attempt to smear the lesson.

  4. Robert Marraccino

    Retired,Principal Layne is an excellent supervisor who is very professional and provides valid and helpful comments. Professionalism was once a standard for supervisors but now may be hard to find. No political agenda except to improve teaching excellence

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  6. My supervisor is not on here.

  7. Luz Cortazzo is not on the list she is a field supervisor

  8. Does anyone know anything about Mario Ford ATR supervisor in BK?

    • Mario Ford retired this year as an APO. He had written me up before I became an ATR for attendance although we are granted absence refunds for a total of 10 days and I was absent for less than that. He had accused me of not calling in for a sick day. When we went into his office, we listened to the absence recorder and guess whose voice we heard. I stood up from the chair, smiled and left. No opology from him! He is new as an ATR supervisor and condescending.

    • Well, I was rated S from him. He was always cordial with me but he does expect a lot and will be critical on observations…kind of nitpicky, if you ask me. I was unsure of how he was going to rate me but I received a S at the end of the year.

  9. Just met ATR Supervisor Justin Stark….does that man ever bathe and brush his teeth?

  10. You are unfortunate enough to draw the “Stark card”…too bad, he’s as incompetent as he’s ugly.

    See what happens when you’re parents are first cousins?

  11. I had Terrell last year and she was fair to me.

  12. Anyone have comments on ATR Superv. Diane Ludvigsen?

  13. I think Esther Salorio is also a fair supervisor and a good person. She is a newly retired principal doing this field supervisor gig for the first time.

  14. Any thoughts on ATR supervisor Lisa Barry Black?

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