Does Betsy Combier Ultimately Hurt ATRs more?

If you are an ATR and, for some reason, you come across an issue, you need to act. The issue may require union representation or sometimes it could be extreme and you need an actual attorney. Whatever the case may be, UFT members need to be vigilant and do their homework. Too many times we hear of ATRs not being proactive, doing their research and sometimes jumping into the arms of so called advocates, like Betsy Combier. Betsy Combier even adds the words ATR Connect to the top of her website to help poach for costly ATR support. However, her site is devoid of ATR articles, unless she is shaming them and sharing the stories they shared with her in secrecy. We also believe that sometimes she share ATR stories with the NY Post that wind up running articles.

Betsy Combier is a self proclaimed parent and educator advocate in NYC.  Educators sometimes try to go to her for cheap assistance, but wind up paying her thousands of dollars and finding themselves in worse predicaments. Sometimes even terminated. We want you to be careful. Is she legally able to charge for legal advice and write legal papers for teachers? Does she replace a real lawyer and union representative? Do your homework as she hides her past encounters with teachers.

Betsy Combier Elizabeth Kapel advocate

Betsy Combier

ATRs have many of resources that UFT ATR members could use for FREE. See an extensive list here at

If you need real legal help then do your research and find a real attorney. We want you to be careful.

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