Diana Diaz

Field Supervisor Diana Diaz


  1. She’s a professional. Wish more supervisors were like her.

    • Teachers United for Justice

      The observations of ATRs in rotating assignments is unprofessional and unacceptable on several counts:
      *The ATRs often don’t know the students.
      *The ATRs often have been covering a class out of license, with or without the regular teacher’s lesson plan.
      *The ATRs are told to differentiate lessons for the students, but they have not met them or have not been provided their IEPs or other personal data such as ELL status.
      * There are no consequences for these Supervisors to lie. Most of them are falsifying the dialogue.
      *All a setup for engaging in age discrimination. The observation system used as a weapon to make an experienced teacher look like incompetent.
      * The rating officer is someone an ATR never met. It used to be the Principal.
      It is all about discrimination, and harassment. Thank you Mulgrew. How can a Union agree to have ATRs observed? It is a nuisance that is causing stress to teachers near retirement. It is a blank check given to Field Supervisors, and the UFT should not give a blank check.

    • The DOE gave principals total control of the hiring process as a result of the 2005 contract so they “hired the cheapest and not the best teachers” for their school. The Fair Student Funding adpoted by the DOE in 2007 is also discriminatory against senior teachers but the UFT agreed to it. That is another reason that they are targeting experienced teachers with 16 years or more of experience so they can be replaced by a newbie or made an ATR. Then the Field Supervisors come in to continue with the agenda to get rid of ATRs through harassment. Then they do press releases saying ATRs are bad teachers, and they are costing too much money, etc. It is hypocritical and wrong. These policies are hurting our schools, and the reputations of many good experienced teachers. Ultimately they are hurting our students the most by depriving them of an experienced teacher. Reserarch shows that students with an experienced teacher do better in tests. The Union has a new slogan for newbies we want you, and another for ATRs you still have a job even if you are abused.

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