ATR Survey 2017

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  1. I think it would be better to ask for certification/license rather than subject. CB’s teach all subjects.

  2. Sorry, I left the wrong email address for my last post. Please disregard the aol email address.

    • You left off supervisor Andre Barrett
      Also what about being observed in your license area
      Why are supervisors holding us to the standards of regular teachers mine just put it in writing
      How many people have plans of assistance?
      How many people have to hand in lesson plans by monthly?
      How many people were not even given interview or they were bogus
      Have you ever been in a school where there was an opening in you license and asked to cover another class?

  3. A colleague (rotating ATR) mentioned that she is always sent to failing schools. I have only had two long-term placements, both with horrid histories, being downsized, and with multiIt would be good to know if this is true for others.

  4. Sorry, unable to edit. Both with multiple expanding co-locations.

  5. Question 4,5, shouldn’t it be teaching instead of working?

  6. Look at your foil again because I am now being harassed by my supervisor
    Mr Andre Barrett from Brooklyn you also had him on the foil list but probably left his name off

  7. I think we should include question to determine the racial make up of the ATR pool.The reason I think it is important is because when I was brought to 3020a hearing, most us were either black or white.

  8. Could include, have you been ask to perform duties outside of your liscence area.

  9. Everyone can find out student information on Sesis. I asked about it and was directed to Sesis. I was surprised to find out all the students from the school that I was at was on Sesis with IEP information.

  10. Anne Schreckinger

    Will this survey include recent retirees? I think they should be included. I would also ask if the teacher you were covering left a lesson plan -/ we always had to as classroom teachers -/

  11. Please add JOELENE-LYNETTE KINARD to the supervisor list.
    Also, if retired mid year or went on FMLA earlier than planned…

  12. I am being harassed and threatened with my employment constantly.

  13. 1. Remove the technology information that proceeded after the question “Have you ever been harassed by a field supervisor?”
    2. A few of the questions need to have (NA) added to the response for validity in regards to the answer.
    A. Parking spaces, some schools have no parking at all (especially Manhattan schools)and there are no passes. We don’t want a false no meaning parking was not provided when actually the is no parking.
    B. the next question on the questionnaire ask about discipline, that is fine but the proceeding question ” if so…” Should either have a NA or Not be required.
    Otherwise. GREAT JOB

  14. Note that I only applied to 2 schools (at year 5 as an ATR) because I knew there was no point anymore and figured if a miracle did occur at least it’d be a place I chose.

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