ATR DOE Contacts


ATRs receive communication from cryptic email addresses that never reveal real names.

ATR pulls back the curtain to reveal the real people who arbitrarily and inefficiently assign us to schools and dictate policy.

First, know the DOE doesn’t call it the “ATR Office,” but rather the “Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality” or TRQ.

Here is the list of people you should contact in addition to UFT liaison Mike Sill 


Randy Asher – Director

Amy Way     (718) 935-2906

Executive Director, Teacher Recruitment & Quality Department

Teacher Recruitment & Quality

Adriane Esquilin

Senior Director, Teacher Recruitment and Quality

Sharon Meade   (718) 387-0375

Min Choi

(718) 935-3425


(718) 935-2611

Human Resources Director Department

Jennifer Lyte

Customer Information Coordinator-

Staffing Support Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality New York City Department of Education Email:

Izaak Orlansky Office of Teacher Recruitment and QualityPhone

(718) 935-4572 

Chief of Staff




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