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  1. I am a bilingual school social worker. I became an ATR because I was in a monolingual position for which I reapplied each year; I was not hired for the position for 2014-15 school year. Rotation through schools is problematic for a social work position, as it prevents ongoing work with children and families in both counseling and special ed evaluation work.

  2. I’m a guidance counselor with 17 years of experience who became an ATR this year in rotation due to the principal of previous school ,as I was notified, reassigned a week before school reopened.
    Although my last school was slated to close in they ear 2016, this principal who we reassigned was going to hire me for the two years.
    Needless to say I was surprised at her reassignment.
    I didn’t have any recourse and couldn’t apply for a school assignment in the open market because I didn’t know this was going to occur.
    I have been in this position of not having a permanent position prior due to the Bloomberg era of cosing schools.
    I had been able up until this school year, 2014 to secure at least a one year assignment position in a school and work as a guidance counselor which is my passion and what I attended graduate school for.
    It’s very disheartening to be in this position, moving around from school to school and at some schools, being treated very unprofessionally!
    Is this the usual stance, awarded guidance counselor of the year one year and treated like a non professional thereafter????
    What ever happened to those mandated interviews that were mentioned
    For placements this year???
    To date, I haven’t received one interview.
    While I love and am passionate about working with students, I don’t know how much of this ai can endure.
    If it means working with students in a different capacity, I may have to take that route to fulfill my passion.
    I’m a product of the public school system and because of the great teachers and guidance counselors I encountered decided that this would be my career also. How terribly disappointed I am with this system!!!!
    Renee Osborne-Hill,
    Guidance Counselor

  3. I am a social worker with 17 years experience and have been an ATR since Sept. I want to thank F Portelos , ATR Alliance for getting out the info on an accurate count of Atrs including staff who aren’t teachers, and Renee Osborne Hill for sharing her experience and passion for her work as a guidance counselor in her response. It is disheartening to me as well, as a counselor, and as a member of teams that plan special ed services, to have to come and go when there are so many students in need of long term assistance, and so many students in need of interdisciplinary assessments. In the past at this time of year I have been very involved in the assessments and placements of 4 year olds with disabilities as they are coming into our schools. It is such a loss that I have no role in this now, and that I cannot do any ongoing work with children and families. Seeing that I am not alone and reading about your efforts online helps. Thank you

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