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If you can pick only one brush to paint the very large majority of ATRs then it would be the brush of experience. Tired of being treated like second class citizens, by their employer and union, a group of ATRs met to organize, mobilize and form an alliance…the ATR Alliance.

Current Officers until October 15, 2015


President: Francesco Portelos mrportelos@gmail.com

Bronx Rep: Open

Brooklyn Rep: Leonard Maurice Robertson lenrobertson@gmail.com

Queens Rep: Cynthia Shub atrnowand4ever@gmail.com

Manhattan Rep: John Silvers Jr. jsilversjr@gmail.com

Staten Island Rep: Susan Rau sue2005@aol.com

ATRs who would like to join our mailing list and be informed


Also find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/ATRALLIANCE


One main focus of the group is to acquire UFT Functional Chapter status just like some of these other groups within the UFT: guidance counselors; hearing educational services; laboratory specialists and technicians; nurses and therapists; paraprofessionals; school secretaries; social workers and psychologists; speech teachers.

Another focus is to support each other and document the actions of school administrators and Field Supervisors such as Justin Stark, James Quail, Edele Williams

DOE and UFT, like it or not, this group is becoming increasingly organized and you are helping spread these experienced educators among the 1,800 schools.

If you would like to join our growing group, send an email to atralliance+subscribe@googlegroups.com


  1. Roland B. Colbert

    I would welcome an opportunity to be come aware and more informed of this great collaborative effort.

    Roland B. Colbert

    • All these people, below, acted to destroy Union members with McCarthy-like tatics. These investigators and coaches worked for the shadow Networks to take out experienced teachers to prop up weak Administrators with an agenda like the so-call reform in District 31 under the inept Superintendent.

      The DOE just fired my OSI investigator: Boyles- who constructed cases 3020a without student statements and who worked with the most corrupt Scacella, Detective, NYPD and OSI investigator
      His partner, Scarcella was a corrupt NYC Brooklyn South Detective that put numerous innocent people in jail for decades and had 5 cases just recently overturned, releasing about 10 prisoners with 50 cases investigate- he is the most corrupt detective of a generation.
      Codon just criticize the investigator Liu for corrupt practices in several recent cases….
      Look on the web for numerous examples, along with the the Tottenville A.P Coach/former Port Richmond/former UFT post woman at Brooklyn Tech and disgraced Principal: Tracy Atkins Zoughlami
      Just a disgrace to get teachers and the Union and their lawyer did nothing to help teachers DUMP MULGREW
      Why do you turn on these people to investigator reporters of thePost to help us out and vindicate our abuse

  2. I do wholeheartedly want to be a functioning member of this grassroot movement./ Please send me all the necessary information.
    Anita F. Chioke

  3. Dear Sir/Madam:

    Please let me know how I can get a password.
    My user name is: paulwong10013
    Password: ???
    Email : paulwong10013@gmail.com

    Thank you and have a nice day!


    • Member Resources requires a password. What password? My personal gmail password doesn’t work nor does my DOE password. Please tell me what I need.
      Thank you,

  4. I don’t understand why the union agreed to this treatment of their veteran teachers. It makes me wonder where’s the respect and professionalism on the part of the UFT??!

    • Every fellow ATR teacher I meet on my rotations are veteran teachers. I have been working for 15 years. Yet am treated like a day to day substitute, sometimes even with a lot of disrespect. The doe encourages this and the union does not support us. I am going to cancel my Cope contribution on my paycheck. Why am I paying extra money to a union that sits back and watches us get abused??? The directions to do so are on Chaz’s blog. There is a COPE link. If all the ATR’s pulled their Cope contributions maybe the union would notice us.

      • I had an in line of duty accident and the uft were a great help to making sure I get paid.
        For serious matters they were a Godsend.

  5. I would like to join the group and receive information, let me know how. The links don’t work. Thanks

  6. How do I set up a user name and a password to enter the blog sessions?

  7. I’m so relieved that this group exists! This is such a trying time for teachers.

  8. I don’t understand why I keep being told you didn’t get my responses. I responded to the invitation to the meeting that was held on the 20th twice and I did the survey.

  9. FawnGreenbergakins

    yes interested

  10. I would like to know when meetings are being held. Thank You.

  11. l am very interested

  12. i was framed last year and this year it may be the same. i need support and advice.

  13. Why not use a “UFT committee” as a stepping stone? This is a “lower fruit” that should be easy to pluck–harder to deny. Right? To say nothing of the much harder to reach “chapter” standing, with its much tougher odds.
    If ATR’s are already going to the DA meetings prompted by this Alliance, why not get a desk and be able to qualify for space to meet in the building our dues happen to pay for? Gain a legitimate venue for outreach(have a basis to request data on ATR members–perhaps)? Politics aside, having a connection for advocacy–helping ATRs through the REAL ropes in the face of the nearly impossible task of polishing a resume and landing a new position like the one(s) lost is a noble organizing argument. I would think the establishment would have a hard time brushing it away, while nothing more than a yearly orientation is offered.
    In the spirit of helping our fellow members? Why not take a foot hold? It’s a less militant approach, but the question is whether the real purposes here are the ends or the means that matter most. Activism comes in many forms…sowing grass means planting many seeds. Is this not one?
    This description from the UFT’s own site:
    “UFT Committees
    The UFT Professional Committees seek to actively engage members in professional growth through activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, educational trips, newsletters and professional recognition.”
    Why can’t this be rewritten as “The ATR Alliance Committee seeks to actively engage members in professional growth through activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, educational trips, newsletters and professional recognition?”
    At least trying would be an interesting tack?
    Just an idea…. But, what do I know, I’m just a useless and irrelevant ATR.

  14. I am so shocked that the atr bull crap is still in existance and i believe mulgrew thought it would be over by now as well. When midget mike bloomberg left office we all thought that we would be losing the atr pool and our educators would be back into the classrooms. But somehow, some way the farina regime continues this waste and in some ways it has gotten worse. Why is the world would farina continue this wasted policy?? I believe she is afraid of the media and by keeping the pool quiet she does not have to deal with the press with their questions of why are you putting “inferior” teachers into the classrooms? Farina is a putz and afraid of the press and that is the reason the atr pool is frozen solid.

  15. Food for thought regarding the atr pool…..NYC employs over 75000 teachers and several thousand counselors and social workers to a number some where around 80000 employees in our nyc schools. So, the ATR pool number is approx. 2000 people. Do the math…2000/80000 = 0.025 percent which is a tiny fraction of the entire work force!! So why all the confusion if the ATR pool is just a tiny little fraction of the entire work force!!!!!!! Oh baby you cannot make this shit up as they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. To all and anyone who is reading this and listening…end this crap already and move our teachers into the classrooms and dismantle the atr pool forever…….come on man….

  17. Anita Famatta Chioke

    Oh Wow!

  18. Does anyone know if there is a commute time limit by which the assignments are created for atrs? I do not drive, and it takes 4 trains and 2 hours to get to the school Im assigned to. Tonight I have to stay till 8 p.m…

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