Is there an ATR Discrimination Lawsuit Coming? An Inquiry has begun.

Defense Logistics Agency Aviation’s employee working group committee and the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office presented a “Bystander Awareness Day” event to emphasize the problems that arise when employees experience bullying in the workplace. Attendees are shown here in one of the four breakout sessions titled: bullying; sexual harrassment, age discrimination or disparate treatment to discuss ways to help victims and prevention strategies.

Talks of lawsuits have been around since former Mayor Michael Bloomberg changed the funding formula for schools and made school principals in charge of their own budget. More information on the history was shared at UFT Solidarity’s page here The Godfather of Fair Student Funding- Robert Gordon. Will the new UFT contract change the system?

Back in 2006 to 2009 there were talks of a UFT initiated a lawsuit, but as you can read here it was dropped or never started. Read more here Randi & Joel Do It Again – The UFT Secretly Dropped Their Age Discrimination Lawsuit When They Signed The Unenforceable ATR Agreement

Today, nearly a decade later, we see the beginning stages of acquiring information to evaluate a possible action.

The form to sign up is in the link below from Teachers Lawyer blog:

Asking the Courts if Fair Student Funding is Fair to Students and Teachers


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