ATR Alliance “Gotcha” Defense Meeting Oct. 12th

They say 25% of ATRs are rated poorly. What the DOE, media, and even our own union won’t share is that poorly rated ATRs are evaluated with classes they never met and in subjects they’re not licensed in. Don’t forget to look at the age of those “bad teachers.” Our stats have shown that the average age of ATRs is about 53. That’s pretty interesting as the ATR mess focused on excessing by reverse seniority.

Articles in the NY Times, Daily News, Post, and several other outlets have shared what principals are saying can happen after the October 15th forced placement. “We will get them out with observations.” The only way a principal can remove a force placed, albeit very experienced and great, ATR is through negative observations.

Therefore, ATR Alliance and UFT Solidarity are holding this information session that will focus in on how to prevent and respond to “gotcha” observations.

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  1. As a former ATR, (I retired when the entire stupid mess became too much) I know how badly all of us have been treated. I was a Special Education teacher in a high needs school. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do a decent job with special needs students you only see for a few days. It takes A LOT OF TIME to gain trust and to prove how much you care. DOE also uses the most incompetent bunch of “former vice-principals and other worn out angry, unpleasant individuals” with their own axes to grind (usually in the back of a QUALIFIED TEACHER). The most obnoxious individual I ever met as a teacher was sent to watch me in a class I did not normally teach on the 3rd day in that classroom. She was a bitter, vicious know-it-all who could never have made it in a classroom! I am still upset TWO YEARS LATER for ever having met this witch!

  2. After I was accused of pushing a student and no other student would say I did because I didnt, I had a principal tell me she would fail me on upcoming observations and this would be my last year.
    The UFT rep who was an administrator told me to look for a job or I could lise my license due to things the principal said she would write about me.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work ATR Alliance! Looking forward to the meeting.

  4. I guess you’ve never been to Queens before…that’s not how the addresses go out here…that SHOULD read 87-22 52nd Ave. And while you’re at it, considering most of us travel by subway, what is the NEAREST subway stop to that location, as well as the cross streets? I think i’ve been there BEFORE but it’s been a bunch of years. Thanks.

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