Cleaning your personnel file as an ATR. 

There have been two stories published recently that involve a UFT members’ personnel file and cleaning it out of derogatory material.

Remove All Negative Observation Reports Older Than 3 Years Starting Today

Spring Clean Your Personnel File or Mold Can Grow and Harm You Later
This poses an interesting question for ATRs. An oldie, but goodie. “WHERE’S MY FILE?”

When assertive ATRs in the past searched, and asked, and proded, they often found it in the last school they were permanently assigned to. Sometimes it was scattered and then combined for them. 

The first step is to email these two addresses below.

Copy your district rep.

Kindly ask to review your file as per Article 21 of the UFT contract.

Wait about five business days. If there’s no response, go to and click the link on filing a grievance. Use the template there and this example complaint to email everyone above again. This should get things moving.

“As per the Collective Bargaining Agreement there should be only one official employee personnel file. Upon request the employee should be able to review all the contents and make copies. The department has violated this agreement by preventing me from reviewing my official file as requested on ENTER DATE.”

For Remedy enter: Schedule appointment to review official file.

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  1. This is true. Years ago I requested to remove some items and my principal signed off to have them removed. (Stupid me) I never physically removed they. 3 Years later, I was brought up on a 3020a charge, and the doe lawyer used those clutter/items (attendances letters, etc) against me to prove her case.

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