DOE Asks Principals for Long Term ATR Requests

There has been chatter that ATRs will be placed long term. The rumors were confirmed by principals, HR directors and field supervisors.

Today, Chancellor Fariña put out a notice for principals to make a request for long term ATRs. Requests for ATRs, to cover long term vacancies, is not new, but posting this message as the first message in her Principals Weekly is telling.

Something’s cooking at Tweed and we’re hearing crickets from the UFT. 

It should be pointed out that this is all happening months after Michael Mulgrew made a statement that ATR talks with the DOE “did not go well.”  

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  1. What did the talks entail?

  2. Is it the current assignment’s location we’ll be remaining at for the rest of the year? Or what date’s assignment?

  3. ATR Alliance “Gotcha” Defense Meeting Oct. 12th In Queens, NY.

    I am an ATR. I will not be able to attend this informative meeting in Queens, NY, as I reside in The Bronx, NY.

    Please hold an ATR Alliance “Gotcha” Defense Meeting in the Bronx, NY.

    Thank you.

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