Despite UFT Resolution School Psychologists, Social Workers & Counselors Ignored by New Initiative

Although the ATR system is not efficient or ideal in terms of having experienced educators permanently in the classroom, teachers can somewhat educate on a short term basis. School psychologists, social workers and guidance counselors however really need the time to work and build rapport with their students.

This very necessary time with students is not afforded to ATR psychologists, social workers and guidance counselors. Instead of being permanently placed in schools where they are very much needed, they continue to be inefficiently used and moved around.

The UFT passed a resolution last summer to more efficiently assign these titles, but has not acted on it.

JUNE 15, 2016

WHEREAS, there are UFT Guidance Counselors and Social Workers in the ATR pool; and

WHEREAS, the Department of Education rotates those Guidance Counselors and Social Workers each month; and

WHEREAS, schools have counseling and social work needs, but these require professionals who are assigned for a longer period of time; and

WHEREAS, the United Federation of Teachers values the dignity of all our members; therefore

WHEREAS, the United Federation of Teachers have consistently argued to the Department of Education that the current rotation system is not appropriate for Guidance Counselors and Social Workers due to the nature of their work  and have advocated for assignments to schools for longer periods of time such that they can be a tremendous benefit to the schools and students of New York City; be it

RESOLVED that the United Federation of Teachers will work with the Department of Education to change the rotation system so that Guidance Counselors and Social Workers in the ATR pool will be assigned to schools for a sufficient period so that they can continue to serve the children of NYC.

Now, months  later, we see an initiative is set to help permanently hire ATRs through financial incentives, but this only includes in classroom teachers.

Why? Why would the UFT not take a stronger stance, despite the resolution to do so?

Why? Why would the NYC Department of Education not include these clinicians when there are well over 200 rotating in the ATR pool? See our ATRs By License List

For the sake our students, this error should be rectified quickly.

Include all ATRs here:

ATR 2016 Initiative

ATR 2016 Initiative



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  1. That’s not true. Teachers also need to have time to work with students. I do not understand this notion that because we are teachers we should be able to handle any situation at the drop of a coin. We need to get to know our students as well. This whole atr situation is a shame and should be done away with.

    • You’re right, but what we’re saying is that, for example, an ATR teacher can realistically come in and teach “multiplying by one digit numbers.” Again, not ideal, but this post focused on these non teaching licenses.

  2. How can you accept that… teachers need to develop a rapport and that is why schools adopted a strategy to assign students for a whole year rather than switch them in each Fall and Spring Semester…inconsistent and arbitrary standards for a Union to adopt…thinking in this way does not make us a Union.

  3. lets vote out the UFT because they are not a Union

  4. We may have a problem on our hands when our union faces a dues crisis in the form of you do not have to pay dues if you do not want to. The ole scalia case is sure to prompt up again and the uft will then be looking for its members to support the union. But one would have to ask, and especially educators suffering in the atr pool, why would I want to support a union that does not support me?? The atr pool is a disgrace of the UFT and this could actually back fire in the UFTs face if the ole scalia supreme court case comes back into play. Remember the people on the way up because you going to meet the same people on the way down.

  5. As an atr social worker for years i can tell you that the system is rigged aka trump…..we are dealing with a rigged system and the doe should be ashamed of themselves by leaving social workers and guidance counselors in the pool rotating like goons to different schools. Then the doe will do public with slogans like childrens first……omg help….

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