Cartoon: The DOE’s Repeated Misuse of Experienced Educators

An elementary school teacher assigned to teach high school social studies. A middle school math teacher sent to teach PreK. A guidance counselor working with students for a week and then being pulled away. A social worker assigned hall duty. These are the scenarios the DOE’s Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ) call efficient. The Absent Teacher Reserve pool is filled with many experienced educators placed in assignments they have no experience in.

Recently, the TRQ Office, headed by Adriane Esquilin and Amy Way, took further steps to prevent the permanent placement of experienced ATRs. They removed the ability of searching for vacancies on the Excess Staffing System. Then again what else would you expect when Lawrence “Larry” Becker is the Chief Executive Director of Employee Relations. He was appointed back when Joel Klein was chancellor.

While this prevention of access to browse vacancies has been the case for a month, the UFT has now engaged in an initiative to work closely with the TRQ Office to hire new teachers. In fact, over 6,000 new teachers were hired this year while the ATR pool rotates almost 2,000 experienced educators.

Here is a cartoon drawn by a veteran educator given full days of bathroom duty. Thank you Chancellor Fariña, Mayor de Blasio and UFT leadership for turning a blind eye to the students. Let’s send more 5 star pastry chefs to cook steaks at Ruth Chris.




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  1. Who knows a field Supervisor Sharon Meade?

    • Be very careful she lies easily. She will smile and pretend like she is on your side then stab you in the back. She doesn’t give feedback or support.

  2. I was sent out of district for a provisional placement as a Speech Teacher. I was assigned a caseload of mandated students. After 5 weeks I was pulled and sent to a school that had no need of my services because “my time was up” at that school. The students had no Speech, the school was out of compliance and the DOE couldn’t care less.

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