DOE HR Removes Specific Vacancy Titles

Even though open market is closed for most, it is open for ATRs all year round. At any time ATRs can go on and see what vacancies exist so they can apply to those specific jobs .

In the last week though, someone in human resources decided to take a function away and only show the schools that have vacancies. Just the names. This makes absolutely no sense to anyone.

Look at the screenshot below. Are you going to apply to all those schools and hope that a science position, or social studies position, or guidance counselor position is open?


Amy Arundel informed us that the UFT is aware and looking into it.

Reminder: ATRs are meeting up at the Delegate Assembly on Thursday at 4. 52 Broadway. Visitor room.

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  1. They have also forced place many ATRs, this week, provisionally. Without an interview, of course.

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