AFT Responds to UFT ATR Chapter Challenge Request

Last Spring, former Jamaica High School Chapter Leader James Eterno, Francesco Portelos, Al Zucker and August Lempelmeier drafted a formal request for ATRs to have their own functional chapter. This was done in order to meet the needs of their unique situation. The UFT has 40 such functional chapters.  A Department of Labor (DOL) investigator was assigned, but the UFT and AFT had to be afforded the opportunity to respond. The UFT denied the request and, as you can see from the below response just mailed to members leading the fight for ATRs, the AFT has denied investigating the matter entirely.

As you can see, the AFT did not find the “rights of ATRs inferior” to those of other members.

Please also review some interesting stats coming from the ATR Alliance September Survey conducted.

We are discussing next steps. Stay tuned as we continue to overcome the obstacle that is the UFT leadership.

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  1. How can the UFT claim that ATRs are “covered by the same collective bargaining agreement…” when classroom teachers and ATRs are evaluated/observed under different requirements?

  2. Having received an Unsatisfactory rating for my Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR), it is now even clearer that ATRs are not “covered by the same collective bargaining agreement”. Where is the link for Unsatisfactory ratings? I could only find the link to appeal Ineffective ratings! UFT where are you now?

  3. Mr. Bolivar Ona

    My name is Bolivar Ona. I “was” an art teacher and now a ATR for the past 5 years. My problems started with No Child Left Behind and now at the door of retirement will talk to anyone about my (our) experience as I was when the destruction of public education began. Mr. B. Ona (917) 224-7767

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