ATR Survey Shows Data the DOE and UFT Does Not

In the Spring of 2015, an ATR Survey was shared online and within the ATR Alliance email list. The results are staggering and although only a fraction of the over 1,200 ATRs filled out the form, we do believe it was a representative sample set.

We are currently creating a separate survey that shows more demographics and end of the year ratings as well as interview/hiring ratios.

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  1. mere pamphleteer

    Great Survey! In future ask about ease of access to bathroom and/or bathroom keys?

    • Francesco Portelos

      Bathroom keys is in there in the list.

    • I can’t understand why administrators do not prepare keys in advance for ATR’s to use since they are aware that Atr’s will be rotating in and out of their schools on a regular basis.

  2. Curiouser and Curiouser

    Would be interested to know how many years in the system the teachers assigned “field supervisors” had. From what I heard, ATRs with 12-15 years were often not assigned field assassins, but teachers with close to 20 years or above were. And, you cite a relatively small number of ATRs given U’s by their field assassins. I would be curious to know if the percentage of U’s given correlated with the age of the ATR, i.e., the more U’s given the more years the teacher had in the system. I have also heard that certain teachers were especially targeted to receive U’s, seemingly regardless of what they did. What about that?

    • Some ATR supervisors were in fact u-rated themselves and even banned from boroughs they previously worked in. I think on one hand this would make them experts in u-ratings. On the other hand if they were u-rated this could be an issue because maybe they think a satisfactory lesson should be a U while a satisfactory

  3. While I couldn’t say that I’ve never been given a class without a lesson plan, in the case of teachers being out for one to three days, I am usually given an absentee lesson plan.

  4. Now that we have this information what do we do with it????? What do we do with not having a bathroom key or a classroom key? When I started teaching we used to hang up our keys so if we were out the sub would have a room key and bathroom key.

  5. It is demoralizing that everywhere I am assigned as an ATR, all the other ATRs are over 50. It is just like the Dino Buzzatti story where the old people of the village are being chased and killed by the young ones. I guess the world overpopulation triggers this. It is a disgrace to see all this older professionals being treated like the Jews in Auschwitz, like they have a stigma: the stigma of being older and inconvenient. It’s like a family trying to get rid of the grand parents because they are inconvenient. If you read Plato, he thinks that a good government is one that takes care of its elderly and sick. We are inconvenient because we have TENURE which really means we have RIGHTS and a pension. This has become unacceptable to those in power. They need young people ho are replaceable and easy to dispose of, people who ill never question the status quo.

  6. The job of these field supervisors is to harass and discriminate against older teachers, and the UFT should be ashamed of themselves.

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