Assignment of ATRs is Arbitrary says DOE

There are many issues with the random and arbitrary assignments of ATRs. Across the city the Fariña administration is continuing the Bloomberg/Klein inefficient method of assigning experienced middle school teachers to elementary positions and vice versa.

It is not uncommon for a teacher who has been teaching 8th grade for 15 years to be placed as a pre-k  teacher for a week while a kindergarten teacher is placed as an 8th grade teacher.

ATR Francesco Portelos requested the method used to assign these experienced educators to these temporary positions as well as the assignment of field supervisors through FOIL.

See request followed by response.

From: “Francesco Portelos”

Date: Jan 9, 2015 7:38 AM

Subject: FOIL ATR Assignment Protocol

To: “Baranello Joseph” , “FOIL” , “Way Amy” , “Amy Arundell”


Dear Mr. Baranello,

Pursuant to the New York Freedom of Information Law, please send me copies by Email of the following records:

1. The protocol and/or method used to assign a non permanently placed employee on rotation. (ATRs including social workers, counselors.)

2. The protocol and/or method used to assign a field supervisor to an employee on rotation in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool.

I believe the Offices of Amy Way and Min Choi have that information.

I would appreciate a response within five business days of receipt as required by law.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Francesco A. Portelos
Educator –​
UFT Solidarity Caucus
​Don’t Tread on Educators​


There are some ATRs who are harassed by their field supervisors and are seen every week and others who have seen none in years. In another recent FOIL response we found there are 32 supervisors for approximately 1,800 ATRs.


The same FOIL request asked for the list of ATRs supervised by a specific field supervisor named above. Apparently that changes day to day and is arbitrary as well.


Lastly, ATR Francesco Portelos found himself rated unsatisfactory twice in just the first nine days of the 2014-2015 school year. Read Unsatisfactory Teacher. Assuming there was some planning between the principal and supervisor, who were both involved in the synchronized gotcha observations, he requested their emails with his name mentioned.

The response was the following indicating that they can be withheld because attorneys were involved in the communication.


Either way you cut it, the ATR situation is mishandled by the DOE. The UFT is also not doing enough and actually creating obstacles to ATRs for organizing. ATR Alliance is closely following a story where an ATR was allegedly fired missing two of ten interviews. Apparently the ATR was not aware they were scheduled.

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  1. you piece of crap organization is a real hell driven hole created by joel klein and the rest of his goons with bloomberg behind it all…you dirty dog karma will rise up and catch ya you dirty dog

  2. Does anyone have Andre Barrett as a supervisor?

  3. ATR’s can be requested? So I have heard that I have been, and been told by frustrated principals that their request is not honored. When you work to try to regain your reputation and then are kept from schools that appreciate your work, then the only answer I can understand is a blatant decision to get rid of ATRs by harassing them and placing them in unfamiliar situations for which they have no experience and then observing that and writing it up.

  4. Mark Ryan appeared to be intoxicated at a meeting. Did anyone else see this.

  5. a formal observation rated ‘A’ was not included in the final rating package!!!!!!!!!!!!…..why???????

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