ATR Alliance Moving Towards Litigation Against the UFT


“No taxation without representation!” Remember that historic line?

The ATR email groups, blog and other social media comments are flooded with ATR UFT members stating that they lack union representation. That they cannot get a hold of anyone responsible at 52 Broadway. That they are treated like second class citizens without a voice.

ATR Alliance is going to move towards taking legal action towards the United Federation of Teachers.

For starters we need your accurate and professionally written stories.

We want to know how your status has negatively affected your union representation that is enforced by state law.

Don’t receive chapter leader weekly because you have no chapter leader?

Attacked by temporary administration and harassed by field supervisor without UFT support?

Miss out on financial opportunities? Left out of professional development?

Teaching out of license and then being rated poorly?

Not given the proper resources?


Sent to schools more than 1.5 hrs from your home?

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