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Here you can comment and share your best practices that help you and the students you are assigned to.

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  1. ATRs who sub can reduce dysphoria by developing shtick and pumping up performance. I write my name on the board with the tag “not a sub,” which provokes curiosity and that golden oldie, turn ‘n talk. Attendance allows for more improvisation.
    If there are five “Chens” in a row, I’ll call out “Chen One, Chen Two” … If I see a Polish male name and the kid seems normal, I’ll ask if he’s heard about the Polish beauty contest? (Pause) Then the punchline, “Nobody won.” After attendance I tell the class that I’m giving them a test. I say that I’m going tell a joke and if they don’t get it, they flunk, thus arousing critical intelligence and addressing aural learners. The joke is about Adam and Eve. But if I post it, you’ll steal it.

  2. I don’t sub and I don’t teach anything out my license and education. If the state has all these requirements to get a particular license based on your education credentials then that means I only teach in my license. Stand up with respect and just cover class. Take attendance and hand out any work made by the missing teacher or assistance principal. Don’t over work yourself. If they really need you to teach that class then they will hire you. Don’t go below standard, kids deserve the best and not mediocre.

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