Despite UFT Resolution School Psychologists, Social Workers & Counselors Ignored by New Initiative

Although the ATR system is not efficient or ideal in terms of having experienced educators permanently in the classroom, teachers can somewhat educate on a short term basis. School psychologists, social workers and guidance counselors however really need the time to work and build rapport with their students.

This very … Continue reading

The Latest News Regarding DOE-UFT ATR Agreement

On Monday September 26, 2016, at a UFT Executive Board meeting, President Michael Mulgrew stated that discussions regarding ATRs took place with the DOE that day. He then added “They did not go well.” and then stopped. He did not say what didn’t go well and, as in the case … Continue reading

Teachers Are Bouncing Off the Walls To Say They’re Fit for the Classroom

Finally a reporter who actually interviews ATRs about what is really happening in the ATR pool. Too bad the UFT leadership continues to not only ignore the issue, but is with the DOE to help fan the flame. Two more months until Amy Arundell has her once a year boilerplate meeting with ATRs. Don’t expect articles like this in the UFT’s NY Teacher newspaper. Continue reading